Milan Palát


Assoc. Prof. Ing., Ph.D.

Academic Degree:

Docent (Regional and Social Development), PhD (Management and Economics)


  • Immigration, labour economics, integration, Czech Republic

Current Research:

  • Economic determinants of migration, migration from Turkey

International Economic Societies Memberships:

  • Insights on Immigration and Development, Spain (2013)
  • World Economics Association, UK (2013)
  • Society for the Study of Emerging Markets, USA (2011)
  • European Association for Comparative Economic Studies, UK (2010).

Central Publications: 

  • PALÁT, M. International migration and the economy in the European Union: development, determinants, policies and trends (Mezinárodní migrace a ekonomika v Evropské unii: vývoj, determinanty, politiky a trendy). 1. Vyd. Ostrava: Key Publishing, 2015. In Press.
  • PALÁT, M. Determinants of initiation of migration and statistics on foreigners in the European Union (Determinanty vzniku migrace a statistiky cizinc? v Evropské unii). 1. Vyd. Ostrava: Key Publishing, 2014. 72 s. ISBN 978-80-7418-228-0.
  • PALÁT, M. Economic Aspects of International Migration: Theory and Practice in the European Union. (Ekonomické aspekty mezinárodní migrace: Teorie a praxe v Evropské unii). 1. Vyd. Ostrava: Key Publishing, 2013. 94 s. ISBN 978-80-7418-161-0.
  • PALÁT, M. Integration prospects of Turkey into European Structures and Turkish Immigration to Germany. Border Crossing: Transnational Working Papers. 2014. sv. 2014, ?. 1403, s. 32-40. ISSN 2046-4436.
  • PALÁT, M. Avrupa'ya Türk göçü: Almanya örnegi. Göç Dergisi. Transnational Press London, 2014. sv. I, ?. 1, s. 47-56. ISSN 2054-7110.
  • PALÁT, M. Effects of labour migration on economic development during economic downturn and recovery. Acta Universitatis Agriculturae et Silviculturae Mendelianae Brunensis. 2012. sv. LX, ?. 7, s. 207-216. ISSN 1211-8516.
  • PALÁT, M. Economic causes and consequences of international migration of labour. Eesti majanduspoliitilised väitlused. 2011. sv. 19, ?. 2, s. 121-137. ISSN 1736-5600.
  • PALÁT, M. Turkish Immigration to the European Union: The Case of Germany. In Turkish Migration Conference. 1. vyd. London: Transnational Press London, 2014, s. 109-110.
  • PALÁT, M. On Linkages between Unemployment and International Migration in Immigration Countries of the EU. In 8th International Conference on Applied Business Research, East London, South Africa, 2013. s. 380-386. ISBN 978-0-620-55419-0.
  • PALÁT, M. International Labour Mobility and Economic Development in the European Union.  [CD-ROM]. In ICABR, Johor Bahru, Malaysia, 2011. s. 51. ISBN 978-80-7375-557-7.
  • PALÁT, M. International Migration and Labour Market in Central European Countries.  [CD-ROM]. In 3rd International Conference Economies of Central and Eastern Europe: Convergence, Opportunities and Challenges, Tallin, Estonia. 2011. s. 1-9. ISBN 978-9949-430-50-5.

Research Grants:

  1. Norway Grants (2015): International migration and evaluation of immigrant integration policies, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  2. GA?R (2003-2005): Selected Aspects of Performance of the Czech Economy and its Effects on the Process of Integration into the EU
  3. MSM research project (2005-2011):Macroeconomic and microeconomic performance of the Czech economy, and the Czech government's econo-political measures in the context of the integrated European market.
  4. IGA MZLU (2005): The development of economic output in the Czech Republic and other countries of the EU.
  5. IGA MZLU (2006): Economic development of the Czech Republic as a part of European Union.
  6. IGA VSKE (2011): The development of international migration in the European Union in economic context.
  7. MSMT (2013-2014): The quality, relevance, efficiency, openness and diversification of higher education in the Czech Republic - project for tertiary education, research and development

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