International migrations are complex phenomena that have the potential to change our societies in profound ways. Research on migration reflects this complexity: the research field is interdisciplinary – a character that can fuel lively scholarly debates but also contribute to the fragmented nature of the field. To tackle this complexity in scholarship in Finland and internationally, it is important to create opportunities for cross-disciplinary conversations.

The project Century of Migrations (2017–2018) provides a venue for scholarly exchanges by organizing eight workshops on issues central to the study of international migration. In addition to providing a platform for cross-disciplinary debates in a workshop format, each event also includes public lectures given by leading scholars in the field.

The theme of the first year (2017) is Global Situation and the second year (2018) Europe and Finland. Each of the eight workshops has its own sub-theme. The sub-themes for 2017 are Environmental Change, Population Growth, Development, and Diaspora. The sub-themes for 2018 are Politicization, Economy, Generations, and Diversity.

The duration of the project is 1.1.2017–31.12.2018.

Global Situation (2017)

  1. Migrations and Environmental Change 24.–25.1.2017 (Turku/Helsinki)
  2. Interconnections between Transnational Migration and Development 5.–6.9.2017 (Tampere)
  3. Diasporic Dislocations: Forced Migration in an Interconnected World 4.–5.12.2017 (Helsinki)

Europe and Finland (2018)

  1. Immigrant Generations in Urban Contexts 16.–17.5.2018 (Turku)
  2. Global Population Growth and Migrations 14.–15.8.2018 (Turku)
  3. Politics of Migration: The Governance of the International Mobility of People 22.–23.10.2018 (Tampere)
  4. Changing patterns of migration and superdiversity 13.–14.11.2018 (Helsinki)
  5. European Labour Markets and International Migration 4.12.2018 (Turku)

The project is funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and co-organized by the Migration Institute of Finland, Research Centre on Transnationalism and Transformation (TRANSIT) at the University of Tampere, Finland Futures Research Centre at the University of Turku, and the Society for the Study of Ethnic Relations and International Migration (ETMU ry).

The project coordinator is Kaisu Issakainen (kissak(at)

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