Maria Pitukhina

Senior researcher

Academic Degrees:

  • Candidate of Political Science, St.Petersburg State University, 30.10.2008
  • Master in International Relations, Petrozavodsk State University, 30.06.2005


  • Migration policy and human capital policy


  • Research
  • International cooperation development

Current Research: 

  • Neighboring migration, Cross-country analysis, Migrants' skills, and Political communication of Russian migrants in Finland

Current Development Projects: 

  • "Cultural diversity" financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers

Central Publications:

  1. Pitukhina M., Sigova S. In search for optimal migration policy// Politics and Society . -2014. - ?10. - pp.61-71.
  2. Pitukhina M. The issue of migration securitization in Russia// National Security -?2 (31). -2014. -pp.276-283
  3. Pitukhina M., Sigova S. Migrants' skills in Russia: recent transformations in terms of  globalization// International Scientific and Practical Congress "Economic development of the EU and the CIS countries in globalization" // International scientific association of economists "Consilium" at Geneva, Switzerland,- 12-13 July 2013. - p.238-241.
  4. Pitukhina M., Sigova S. Migration policy in the framework of human capital: cross-country analysis of Russia and Finland// Contemporary Europe. -2013. - ?3. - pp.61-71.
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