Maria Elo


Dr., Research Fellow

Academic Degrees

  • Doctor of Science in Economics, Åbo akademi, Finland, 2005
  • Master of Business Administration, European University, Belgium, 1993
  • Master of Art, European University, Belgium, 1993
  • Bachelor of Arts, European University, Belgium, 1992
  • Undergraduate degree in Marketing, Turku, Finland, 1991

Research Interests and Current Research

Maria's research interests focus on diaspora resources and networks in international business, economy and entrepreneurship, but also on international business, business networks, cooperation, SMEs, internationalization processes, remanufacturing, and technological innovation in services. In addition, her work addresses international trade, particularly stocklot business and other non-prime businesses. German and Greek markets as well as Post-Soviet transition economies represent her focal areas. Maria teaches courses such as Perspectives to the Finnish Innovation System, Diaspora resources, Innovation and International Business, Cross-cultural Management, Perspectives on Transnationalism and Diaspora in the Global Innovation Management Master's Degree Program and she co-teaches the main seminar in Diaspora Entrepreneurship at the University of Bremen and is a visiting Erasmus-lecturer at the University of Patras. She also supervises Bachelor and Master thesis. Maria is the founder and leader of the Diaspora Networks in International Business research platform and the project leader of the Diaspora Business Project. She leads and coordinates also related research projects, workshops and events.


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