Ilke Dagli


Ph.D. Candidate and Graduate Teaching Assistant


Ilke Dagli has a degree in European and International Politics and completed her MSC in Bristol on Security and Development. Since 2006 she has been working closely with CSOs and SMEs in Cyprus as a project coordinator, project developer, consultant and facilitator. She co-authored and coordinated many local projects such as The Civil Society Dialogue Project, Cyprus Community Media Centre initiative, Access Info Cyprus Project and Play for Peace Project and is closely involved with the ENGAGE Do Your Part for Peace project. Ilke started her PhD on Securitization of ethnic communities in contested states and its implications on reconciliation efforts in Warwick University in October 2012, and has joined the Gradeate Teaching Assistant team for World politics module in 2013.

Research interests:

  • Identity, migration, security, (de)securitisation, ontological security, reconciliation, peace-building

Membership of professional bodies:

  • Cyprus EU Association, Cyprus, Executive Committee Board Member since 2007, Vice President since 2011.
  • Cypriots Voice, Cyprus, Active Member since 2008.
  • The Center for Migration, Identity and Rights Studies, Cyprus, Founding Member since 2008.
  • Cyprus Country Expert for Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem), Department of Political Science, The University of Gothenburg, Sweden; the Kellogg Institute at the University of Notre Dame, USA, May-July 2014.
  • Cyprus Community Media Centre, Founding Member since 2009, Governing Board member 2009 – 2012.
  • UNDP Cyprus Youth Dialogue Project, Youth Advisory Board Member from 2007 to 2010.
  • Future Worlds Cente (a.k.a CNTI), Cyprus, Associate since 2007.
  • The Management Centre of the Mediterranean, Cyprus, Associate consultant since 2011.
  • Seeds of Peace, Fulbright, Participant in 2001 and alumni since 2001.


  • Kanol B. and Dagli I. (forthcoming 2015). Civil Society Active Dialoge Networks in Cyprus: An effort to innovate and expand peace-building efforts. In: Lovell, D., Konto, M., Warner, J. Modern Social and Political Aspects of the Cyprus Problem.
  • Identities in Limbo: Securitization of Ethnic Communities in Conflict Environments and its Implications on Reconciliation Efforts (PhD Thesis – to be submitted in 2015)
  • Laouris, Y., Taraszow, T., Damdelen, M., Dagli, I., Beyatl?, D., Karayiannis,, A., Dye, K. & Christakis, A. (forthcoming 2015). Examining Economic Integration and Free Trade within Cyprus using Structured Dialogic Design. Systemic Practice and Action Research. Laouris, Y., Taraszow, T., Damdelen, M., Dagli, I., Beyatl?, D., Karayiannis,, A., Dye, K. & Christakis, A “Exploring Options for Enhancement of Social Dialogue Between the Turkish and Greek Communities in Cyprus Using the Structured Dialogic Design Process”, Systemic Practice and Action Research, Vol. 22, No. 5 (October, 2009) and

Papers and Research:

  1. Institutionalised Securitisation Practices in Cyprus: Broadening the scope of the “ethnic-conflict” (Paper written for 2015 ECPR General Conference in Montreal)
  2. Institutionalised Securitisations and Desecuritisation: Case of Cyprus (Paper presented at 8th Pan-European International Relations Conference –2013)
  3. Gender and Diversity: Policy Recommendations for Women Empowerment (ENGAGE – Do Your Part for Peace project – 2012)
  4. Right of Access to Information: Cyprus Report (Access Info project – 2010/2011)
  5. Human Trafficking, Illegal Workers and Domestic Workers Research (CMIRS EU Seed Funding project – 2011)
  6. Refugee and IDP Labels: Different implications for the communities of Cyprus (Individual Research presented at Oxford University Refugee Studies Centre – 2010)
  7. Human Rights, Human Trafficking and Identity Baseline Studies (CMIRS EU Seed Funding project – 2010)
  8. Kurdish Question of Turkey (MSc dissertation – 2006)
  9. Forged Feelings of Nationalism in Cyprus (Undergraduate dissertation – 2005)

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