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Unfortunately Dr. Demetrios Papademetriou has cancelled his participation to the seminar.

The economics of international migration has been a key issue of migration studies for a long time. The consensus has been that migration is beneficial for economy. Growing economies gain labour and declining ones are relieved from excess workforce while remittances help those who remain. However, diversification of migration flows, increasing impact of refugees and growing nationalist sentiments have cast a shadow of doubt to the previous consensus. This Argumenta conference revisits historical developments and looks at the current economics of migration debate as well as considers feasible policy responses.

Keynote presentations by Dr. Pieter Bevelander (Director, Malmö Institute of Migration) & Dr. Peter Kivisto (Professor of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Welfare, Augustana College), Dr. Hanna Pesola (Senior Researcher, VATT Institute for Economic Research) & Harri Kuussaari (Head of Statistical Analysis and Information Service Division, Bank of Finland).

The seminar is held at the Migration Institute of Finland on December 4 and is organized by Finland Futures Research Centre and the Migration Institute of Finland.


The Argumenta seminar is a part of the project Century of Migrations (2017–2018), funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and coordinated by the Migration Institute of Finland. The partner organizations are the Research Centre on Transnationalism and Transformation (TRANSIT) at the University of Tampere, the Finland Futures Research Centre at the University of Turku, and ETMU.

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