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  • Open on weekdays (Mon-Fri) 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.
  • Contact: Archivist Jarno Heinilä.

The aims of the Migration Institute of Finland Archives are to collect and store different kinds of material relating to the lives of migrants and to their point of departure, and to maintain contacts with other archives.

The archival collections are used for various types of inquiries, from gathering information for scientific and genealogical research to supplying photographs for publications and the media.

The archives are maintained by archivist Jarno Heinilä. Temporary employees assist in organizing and cataloguing the archives.

Except documents, the archive has the following collections:

  • Letters: ca. 15,000
  • Photographs: over 23,000 (examples in the picture gallery)
  • Postcards: ca. 3,500 (examples in the picture gallery)
  • Collection of photo slides: ca. 2,500 slides about migration
  • Microfilms: 5 different entities encompassing ca. 130 reels
  • Audio Records:

                   - interview recordings ca. 700 hours

                   - music (incl. hundreds of clay records)

                   - radio programs

  • AV -collections:

                    - television programs

                    - documentary films

  • Museum pieces: The archives also has a holding of museum pieces like paintings and emigrant trunks.


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